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My Profile

I am an eighteen year old student who currently goes to Ligonier Valley High School in Pennsylvania. I also go to a vocational school, Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center. The program that I have been enroled in now for three years is Graphic Communications. I plan to go to Westmoreland County Community College and get my degree in the Graphics field. As you can see from my resume, I am in the top of my class.

Some of the clubs that I am involved in are VICA, NV-THS, and All About Image. In the club All About Image several other vocational students and myself work to promote the "image" that people perceive Vo-Tech students are. We try to show the community and our sending schools what Vo-Tech is all about and what we really do. In this club I earned the title "Webmaster" because I am the only student who updates the school's webpage. I also hold the title as being Chairperson of the webpage through this club. I am also in charge of promoting the students' image through student activities.

Some of my hobbies are drawing, painting, working with computers(my webpage), hunting, fishing, and anything graphics related. You can check out some of my drawings and work that I have done in my Graphics program at EWCTC. I have been drawing pictures and cartoons from "The Far Side" and various sources for as long as I can remember.

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